What’s a Yapaholic?

I finally decided to start my own blog. Took me several hours to come up with a suitable domain name.

How did I come up with YAPAHOLIC and what does it mean?

Well, it’s a combination of the word “yap” and the suffix “-aholic.”

Yap informally means “to talk at length in an irritating manner,” but making people angry isn’t my goal. Instead, I prefer to define yap as someone who “talks continuously and often loudly,” analogous to idle chatter.

-aholic denotes “a person having an abnormal desire for or dependence on.” Common examples include alcoholic, workaholic, and chocoholic.

Thus, when you combine the two, you get YAPAHOLIC: Someone who explicates his or her thoughts in a compulsory manner.

That’s my hope for this website. I want to be able to jot down and analyze my most pressing musings (and perhaps receive feedback from others).

In terms of style and grammar, I’m not going to be overly critical of my entries. Just one round of proofreading should suffice.

Yapaholic is my journal, a diary of my everyday life, a record of my thoughts and feelings.

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