America Has Finally Lost Its Way: If the Federal Government Can’t Save the Republic, Who or What Can?

Not once did any of my teachers ask me: “Should our federal government be as large as it is? Could it be smaller? Is there an imbalance of power between the federal government and the states?”

I wonder whether you’ve been asked such questions. If so, I’m impressed because (to me) it seems as if schools prefer to indoctrinate us with information rather than encourage us to think critically.

Educational institutions, for example, cover a myriad of topics, ranging from English literature to wasting time on the Internet (yes, it’s a bonafide subject at the University of Pennsylvania). But the topic of government is strangely absent from any meaningful classroom discourse.

Shouldn’t it be a part of every facet of our education? Shouldn’t the Constitution and the Bill of Rights be the pinnacle of everything that we, as Americans, learn to master in school?

And shouldn’t it span beyond a single semester?

Unlike many of the majors available to us in college, government will always permeate our existence–long after we graduate, long after we retire, and long after we die. So it doesn’t make sense (at least to me anyway) why ignorance is still prevalent. Everyone should have an adept understanding of the role and function of government in society–and I mean EVERYONE.

I surmise that’s why we’ve been seeing Americans protest recently. However, in my opinion, much of what they’re upset about is innocuous. The confederate monuments, for example, have been in Virginia for nearly 100 years. So tearing them down won’t magically solve racism; instigating violence won’t ameliorate long-standing tensions.

Most of these protesters (if not all of them) have evidently been sitting in the back enjoying the ride, unperturbed by the person at the wheel.

Then one day, out of the blue, they just decide to circumvent the law by encroaching on the constitutional rights of their fellow Americans: “These people don’t deserve the right to assemble peacefully!” In fact, the situation has gotten so bad that cities are now begging residents to go through the legal process of removing statues instead of knocking them down.

Well, no wonder they’re lost and confused. They’ve been living under a rock!

To our detriment, we have (collectively) ignored the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, and today the stability of our Republic is at risk. Because of our inaction, the U.S. populace has become even more susceptible to anarchist propaganda from across the spectrum: The media, the alt-right, the alt-left, the democrats, the republicans, the religious zealots, you name it.

Perhaps the most heinous act so far took place during the 2016 election.

Remember when celebrities and democrats were encouraging members of the Electoral College to vote AGAINST the will of the people?

Take a moment to let that sink in. Seriously, ruminate on it for a while.

If you don’t quite understand what I mean, let me break it down for you:

  • The U.S. had a presidential election on November 8, 2016.
  • The residents of each state voted for the candidate they wanted.
  • State officials tallied the votes.
  • Electoral votes were awarded based on who won the state-by-state popular vote.
  • In December, electors were tasked with casting their votes for the next president; HOWEVER, at the same time, celebrities and the media (as well as several other groups) systematically bombarded them with requests to change their votes. They even offered to cover the monetary fines that would have been imposed on the electors.

(face palm)

We have only ourselves to blame for failing to enshrine the principles of our Constitution in the hearts and minds of every American.

The notion of limited government has fallen on deaf ears.  And, according to some Americans, our decentralized election system, which has worked so well by curtailing interference for the last 228 years, is no longer adequate. Propositions have been put forward to switch our current system to a more centralized one (i.e., a nationwide popular vote instead of a state-by-state popular vote).

Imagine what a person could do to influence the outcome an election: Instead of trying to rig the system in multiple states, he or she can do it in a single state!

Sigh. This faulty line of reasoning has also insidiously manifested itself within the constitutional framework of our federal government. Collectively, we have allowed the federal government to consolidate too much power:

  • No longer is it okay for states to discuss the principality of succession.
  • No longer can citizens trust that their personal information won’t be seized by the federal government.
  • No longer is local and state jurisdiction recognized.
  • No longer do we follow the traditional American system of “innocent until proven guilty.” Instead, citizens are presumed guilty and, therefore, must prove their innocence.

We need to have a serious rollback on government intrusiveness. This is arguably not the way we should be safeguarding our peace and security.

Oh, and the wars overseas, don’t get me started. Our indefinite preemptive strikes have made feel as if we’re the invaders, not the liberators!

Why must we force other nations to do it “our way”? Couldn’t we simply influence them by example?

I strongly suggest bringing our troops home and securing our own borders. While we’re at it, let’s audit the federal reserve, cut back on spending, and do something about improving the value of the U.S. dollar so that legislators stop passing minimum wage laws which only cause higher unemployment among the poor.

Most important, let’s quit giving out foreign aid. Much of what we distribute anyway subsidizes the very weapons we’re trying to eliminate. Everyone knows that “foreign aid” is just another “soft power” that the federal government uses to exert influence on the affairs of other nations. If the federal government is going to spend hundreds of billions of dollars, it might as well spend it here on the American people.

Point is: We’re doing more than what we’re supposed to be doing; we’re doing more than we can handle. Many of us simply need to accept the reality that the federal government isn’t omniscient enough to bring about fairness, justice, and equality. It can’t even provide those things for non-Americans living abroad!

If government can’t fix all our problems at home, then logically, it’s incapable of solving the rest of the world’s problems. So let’s stop what we’re doing and focus on what really matters: Our Republic.

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