The Older I Get, the Less I Seem to Care.

Dating is like a roller coaster: You get tired of it after a while.

I’m at that point in my life where I feel as if I’ve ridden this ride too many times. I no longer feel sad or happy. I just file away the memories and start anew.

In the beginning, it was all about me, me, me–about what I lost or what could have been. Now I’m just a fountain of sincere well wishes.

It was an unnecessarily long journey, going from a self-centered lover to one who’s almost detached from life’s ups and downs.

If I had to cast blame, I’d point my finger at indoctrination. We, as a species, relish in perpetuating the delusions of other people’s delusions. We grow up believing false notions about love, school, taxes, welfare, and government.

Truth is, the world isn’t so magical; it isn’t immune to devastation. Nations don’t own a limitless supply of money. People grow old. Many die alone. Not everyone who works hard lives up to society’s expectations of “success.”

Our purpose, as depressing as this might sound, is to fuel the engine that keeps our governments running. We grow. We pay taxes. And, in the end, we die. Is there a better way?

A select few have been able to circumvent the system. Some don’t even need to work. Some live their whole lives receiving checks in the mail. It makes one wonder what’s really going on. When did we get so complacent, so overly dependent on others to provide for us instead of the other way around?

Society has evidently led the system astray. Our minds are filled with unrealistic, lofty notions. Rather than face reality, we escape into a myriad of self-referential delusions.

Can anyone else see the world as I do? Such realizations make me feel as if I should have known already. It’s so obvious, with all the people mindlessly trudging along.

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