1,388 Jobs Later & I Still Haven’t Found Anything Better (Short Entry)

Two days ago, I started researching different careers. I went through a list of 1,388 possible jobs, which took me over sixteen hours to do.

What did I attain from that experience? A greater appreciation for my current job as well as ideas on how to improve my business.

Right now, I’m ordering new office supplies, but I’ll try not to spend over $1,500.

I’m interested in buying an ergonomic keyboard, in particular the Kinesis Advantage2 LF Ergonomic Keyboard.  Supposedly, it’s good for preventing carpel tunnel syndrome.

I’m not sure whether it’s worth the hefty price tag, though. Linus Tech Tips said that the overall quality could be better for $339: “Feels like cheap plastic.” Why $339 for such poor construction? I don’t know.

Yet, for some reason, I’m tempted to buy it because I sometimes feel pain in my shoulder blades. Why do QWERTY keyboards force us into such awkward typing positions?

Awkward Typing Position.jpg

I’m going with the LF version because I dislike the harsh clicking sounds of tactile mechanical keyboards. This one is a low force, linear model.

No rush, though. I’ll spend the rest of today compiling my list of things to buy.






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