The Lazy, Simple, and Affordable Way to Achieve One’s Goals in Life

You have goals, but you’re just too lazy to make ’em happen. Yeah, yeah. Join the club. A billion other people on this planet are struggling with the same problem. We’re all asking, “What can I do to change?”

Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to actualize one’s goals. That’s the simple truth. I even don’t know because I, too, still struggle with that problem on a daily basis. My problem, in particular, centers on trying to find the most efficient way of learning a new language. Whenever a surefire solution isn’t readily available, I get discouraged. Afterward, I just scurry back into my cave and sulk for a very, very long time.

Indeed. The number of self-help books on the market is plentiful. Every day another one gets crammed onto the shelves, all of which are already filled to the brim with other “revolutionary” self-help books.

Dejected, I’d murmur,

“Look at all these damn books! I couldn’t possibly read everything here. I’ll be long dead before I’m able to find one that’ll work for me.”

Then, after a moment of bewildered amazement, I snigger at the sight of such a spectacle.

Here we are with a profound desire to change, yet there in front of us stands a menacing tsunami of black-and-white pages, each one trying to capitalize off our baggage of self-doubt and lack of self-esteem. As if accomplishing our goals wasn’t hard enough, we now have to scour the depths to find that “golden solution” among a sea of other so-called solutions.

Baffling, isn’t it? I mean, in order for us to overcome our original herculean task, we must first conquer the chore of figuring out how to prevail against the burden of such an undertaking!

No wonder few succeed in escaping this collective pit of despair.

Of course, the urge to want to change is a goal in of itself. And as we all know, fulfilling a single goal out of many can be exceedingly arduous.

Well, here’s my lazy, simple, and affordable remedy for achieving all our goals:

FORGET about devising the “right” solutions or finding the “perfect” self-help book. There are no universal answers.


Yes, that’s right. You heard me. Get off your butt and do it! Once you get the ball rolling, things will naturally fall into place. Again, easier said than done, but just go on ahead and…


“What if I fail?”

If you fail, you fail. So what? Life is too short to quibble over failure. Failure is commonplace. Accept it, live with it, and move on.

Sigh. My own pep talk has inspired me to practice what I’ve just preached. Off I go!

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