Democrats Trying to Sound Black to Blacks

Democrats Appeal to Black Voters’ Ears by Trying to Sound Black

Why are democrats now trying to sound Black whenever they speak to Blacks? Recently, I came across an interesting clip. It showed several members of the Democratic Party trying to mimic the regional speech patterns of Blacks living in the South. I say “trying” because they failed to fake it.

The democrats involved were Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Hillary Clinton, and former vice president Joe Biden. They clearly deviated from their usual speech patterns just to pander. Hear them for yourself:

Anthony Brian Logan

Do Blacks Approve of Democrats Trying to Sound Black?

I wonder whether the majority of Blacks approve of the Democratic Party’s approach. Does it effectively sway them to their side? Will changing the way democrats talk to Blacks really help them garner additional “Black votes” and, possibly, bolster their odds of winning major elections in 2019 and 2020?

Candace Owens’ Response to AOC’s #blaccent & Democrats Trying to Sound Black

Full Transcript of Candace Owens’ Response to AOC’s #blaccent Below

“Good morning, Black America! Just sitting here doing what I do best. I woke up this morning. I had some collard greens, some chitterlings, uh, a little bit fried chicken, every single morning. That’s relatable, right?

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I do that every single morning, Black America. What’s going on, Black America?

Uh, you may have recently seen AOC now talks like us because we are all still slaves in the South, and this is relatable, and this is what we do. Uh, Eliana, do we have anything more to relate to the Black people? Could I get some of that? Thank you.

I was just, uh, having some hot sauce here in this (indecipherable), just drinking in the morning ’cause I’m so relatable to Black people. I just–Lordy, Lordy, I just, I eat this hot sauce every single morning.

Elaina, Elaina, we gotta get the Puerto Rican vote. Do we have anything to relate to the Puerto Ricans? (Music plays in the background.)

… So, hopefully, the Puerto Ricans will vote for me. (Turns to Elaina.) You’re an immigrant, right? Do we have anything that we can relate to the immigrants? We don’t have anything to relate to the immigrants?

Um, guys, let me just say something serious for a second. I genuinely want to understand: If you are a Black person, why are you voting democrat anymore?

I mean, it’s like, I could make a joke here. We could say that it’s insulting. It’s actually just funny now. What is your excuse? I’m not even going to judge you. I’m not even gonna talk about how low of an IQ you have to have to still be voting democrat at this point.

That they literally cannot have a single serious discussion about Black Americans. They’re just trying to relate by offering us hot sauce–that was Hillary Clinton. We had Kamala Harris, which related to us by talking about Biggie and Tupac and smoking pot in her dorm before either of them made an album. Okay?

And now we have AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) who has launched the #blaccent movement, which I will say is a good movement.

Why are you still voting democrat? I want you to drop a comment for me and tell me what it is that you still vote democrat. No argument. I’m not going to judge you. I genuinely want to know what the draw is. It’s just the most insulting thing that I’ve ever seen. The most insulting clip I’ve ever seen. Why do you have to speak like that to Black Americans to get their vote or to be relatable?

I’m marrying a British man; he had a British accent. He didn’t have to put on a hood accent to get me. Why can’t Black Americans understand English? Why can’t she just said what she wanted to say in perfect English? Is the idea that we’re so dumb that we don’t know how to communicate effectively, and we find it relatable when people break up our language? Did [AOC] have to speak Ebonics? Did she have to throw in colloquialisms? Do you have to swear in order to get Black Americans to understand?

I say this over and over again. The left thinks Black people are stupid, literally stupid. Okay?

I make the Cardi B joke: They’ll probably literally have her performing, or whoever their candidate is in 2020.

People say, “How can you support Trump?” Trump speaks the exact same way whether he’s in the room with people that are White, Hispanic, Black. I’ve done all Black events with Trump. I’ve been at events with people in front of the RNC. Trump speaks the exact same way no matter what room you are in because he respects us. [Trump] respects us enough to tell us the truth.

You’re offended when Trump asks us, “What do we have to lose?” But you’re not offended when AOC speaks in a broken Southern accent to ‘relate’ to us because we’re still slaves?

I will agree with her on one thing: We are still slaves. We are mental slaves. So it’s actually almost appropriate that they speak to us in this way. Because we keep giving them our votes; they keep giving us absolutely nothing. We’re getting what we deserve at this–if we vote democrat. If we can’t see that they’re actually just trying to relate through culture, as opposed to having real conversations about why they destroyed our communities, why they removed our fathers from the home. They just call everybody racists and speak in broken Black accents.

So I’m going to end this video by telling you that I’m still Trump all day. That’s a Kanye quote. This is why I’m Trump all day, Trump 2020, Trump 2024, Trump 2028. Because he has the audacity to speak to Black Americans like we’re actually individuals and deserve a real conversation about how we fix our communities.

I have to go; I’m going bride-dress shopping. If you guys have any ideas about what my dress should look like, drop–I’m not gonna listen to you, but I just wanna see what you think I should wear. (Blows air kiss.)

Bye, guys.

Candace Owens @RealCandaceO (

If we don’t ask Blacks what they think, then what’s the alternative?

That’s a very, very complicated question to answer, and perhaps there’s no definitive answer. Regardless, most of us already know that politicians tend to delegate between our interests and those of lobbyists. But when lobbyists win out, politicians tell their constituents one thing and then proceed to do the opposite. They get away with it, too, because we fail to hold them accountable. Anyway, I digress. Back to speech patterns and their effects on voters and electability.

We could, for example, research and cite instances in U.S. history where politicians have successfully won elections by simply changing their speech patterns, but I suspect that such an endeavor would be futile. The inordinate amount of subjectivity involved would render the results unreliable from a universally acceptable standpoint.

Obama & Trump: Victorious in Their Shared Quality

Photo of Trump and Obama side-by-side. Pointing out that democrats trying to sound Black is an effective method of garnering Black votes.

However, if we were to analyze the victories of Barack Hussein Obama II and Donald John Trump, we could argue that both won because they were genuine. Genuine in the sense that on account of their speech patterns, constituents felt they exuded a clear sense of “authenticity,” “trustworthiness,” and “reliability,” all of which are quantifiable (scale-wise).

In Obama’s case, another argument could be made that he was a far better choice than Willard Mitt Romney in 2012. I didn’t even vote for Romney. He proved through his own actions that he was just another phony seeking to advance his own interests.

Clinton’s Loss: The Democratic Party’s Romney

Photo of Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney side-by-side. Pointing out that democrats trying to sound Black is an effective method of garnering Black votes.

Comparatively speaking, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was the Democratic Party’s version of Romney in 2016. She said and did things that contradicted what she had done throughout her political career. And despite Bernard Sanders garnering overwhelming support from democrats, Clinton (including those in charge of the Democratic Party) still rushed him under the bus. Sadly, the Democratic Party never stopped corrupting Bernie after 2016, and it looks as if their abuse will persist into 2020.

Clinton’s unsurprising defeat on election night exposed the type of person she truly is. After finding out the results, she intentionally abandoned her teary-eyed constituents. Imagine all the time and effort they devoted to her only to be tossed to the curb like garbage.

Perhaps Democratic Party members like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Joe Biden can get away with “sounding Black,” so long as their words and actions don’t contradict what they have said and will say in the future. Remember: We’re already used to politicians saying one thing but doing another. If the public ever catches wind of any inconsistencies, it’ll spell only trouble for their political careers.

It was, after all, the underhanded use of “identity politics” that cost Hillary Clinton the election. I suspect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Joe Biden won’t do any better. This is especially true for Biden since he might run for president in 2020.

Trump’s 2020 Re-Election Prospects

Trump, on the other hand, has been working tirelessly to uphold “promises” he has made on a variety of issues. This, despite resistance from Democrats and Republicans, has been commendable and appealing to many voters. However, the tactics being used by democrats such as sounding “Black” in order to appeal to Black voters is more akin to desperation than anything else.

As such, based on how things are going with democrats trying to sound Black, it seems as if Trump’s chances of being reelected are looking favorable.

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