Democrats and Trump’s Executive Privilege: Blind Outrage

The individual responsible for instigating the vindictive outrage of Democrats and Trump's Executive Privilege.

Based on the Democrats’ reaction to Trump’s executive privilege order, it’s quite evident now that the party as a whole is just a hodgepodge of disgruntled sore losers.

In 2017, the Intelligence Community found no evidence of Russian interference. In 2019, the Democrats finished wasting over $35 million dollars of taxpayers’ money on their politically-motivated investigation, which ultimately backfired in their faces.

So it’s no surprise that the Democratic Party is upset that it failed to get the evidence it was hoping for, such as collusion and obstruction–hence the title of this short post, “Democrats and Trump’s Executive Privilege: Blind Outrage.”

In the past, Reagan invoked executive privilege; Bush invoked executive privilege; Obama invoked executive privilege; and so on. But when Trump invokes executive privilege to put an end to the democrats’ fanatical tirade, it’s somehow treasonous.

Democrats already have the results of the investigation; they’re simply too delusional to accept its findings.

Classic TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome with a side serving of hypocrisy.

Is this the only instance of democrats showcasing their vindictive outrage? It’s not, unfortunately.

When Trump announced that he would start shipping illegals to sanctuary cities (i.e., should Congress continue to refuse to do anything about the crisis along the border), the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals uncharacteristically jumped in and permitted Trump to enforce his administration’s policy of requiring illegals to wait in Mexico while their asylum cases go through the courts.

The Democrats, to say the least, were very, very unhappy about the 9th Circuit’s decision. Why have they been psychotically relentless in their pursuit of demonizing Trump? Probably because deep down they know that the Democratic Party is nothing without its “Nothing Burger” (reference to CNN’s Van Jones’ remarks on Russian interference coverage).