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Death and Existence (Reflection)

Imagine all the countless people before us, billions upon billion of people who have already died. I wonder how each of them lived their lives. Who were they? What were their stories? Will their experiences, like ours, be forever lost, destined to merely fade away into nothingness, to wander this vast expanse of space and time like grains of sand tumbling idly across the billowing dunes of the Sahara?

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Finding Happiness in My Existential Nihilism. A Reflection on Death.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the man who fired a bullet through his floor into a neighboring apartment, or the Texan congressman whose skull was pierced by celebratory gunfire, or the boy who was killed by a bullet fired from two miles away, or the gunman who randomly shot an elderly man on the street in broad daylight?

So many ways to die if one isn’t careful, and even if one is careful, no guarantee he or she will return alive from such encounters.